UNIVAC Vacuum Tubes (1950's)

 UNIVAC Vacuum Tube -- Shown are vacuum tube rectifiers of the type used in early UNIVAC computer power supplys.
The UNIVAC was produced in the 1950's by Remington Rand Univac.

Remington Rand Vacuum Tubes (approx. 3 inches high)


Remington Rand Vacuum Tubes (approx. 7 inches high)

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UNIVAC Tube Board (1950's)

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UNIVAC 1 - At the Census Bureau (1951)

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UNIVAC Digital Recording Tape (1950's)

UNIVAC with Grace Hopper

UNIVAC Vacuum Tube (1950's)

UNIVAC -1 Tape Units (1951)

UNIVAC Small Diode Board (1950's)


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