Tandy 1000 EX Microcomputer (Radio Shack) (c1980)

Other Tandy/Radio Shack Computers

The Tandy Corporation was founded in 1927 as the Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company. The founders were Dave Tandy and Norton Hinckley. Dave Tandy's son built the company into a large consumer electronics firm and changed the name in 1961 to Tandy Corporation. Tandy purchased Electronics Craft of Fort Worth, Texas, in 1962. In 1963, Tandy gained controlling interest in Radio Shack and acquired its nine stores. Radio Shack became a division of Tandy Corporation. The company named its personal computer line "TRS" for"Tandy-Radio Shack."

TRS 80 ("Tandy-Radio Shack") (See Photo)

In 1977, Tandy introduced its personal computer the TRS-80, which sold for about $400. The TRS-80 got its name from "Tandy Radio Shack" Z-80 Computer. Radio Shack sold about 200,000 TRS 80 model I machines. They followed this with the TRS-80 Model II and the Model III. They ran Radio Shack's proprietary operating system "TRSDOS."

TRS-80 Model 2000

The TRS 80 (Radio Shack) model 2000 used the 80186, 16-bit processor and MS-DOS. It cost $2,999.

TRS-80 Model 100 Laptop

The TRS-80, laptop model 100 used the 80C85, 8-bit processor and MS-Basic. It cost $799. It used an LCD display featuring 8 lines of 40 characters each. It came with a 1,500 bps cassette interface, RS-232 port, parallel printer port and bar code reader interface port.

TRS-80 Model 16

The TRS-80 Model 16 was a 16-bit machine, and used the Z80Z processor. It came with 128K RAM expandable to 512K. It had a detachable keyboard and 12 inch green display screen. It came with one or two diskette drives. It sold for about $5,000 in 1983.

TRS-80 Pocket Computer

The TRS-80 Pocket Computer came with a 57-key alphanumeric keyboard, small scrolling LCD display, and 26 data element memory. It was only 2-3/4 inches by 6-7/8 inches and 5/8ths of an inch thick. It weighed 6 ounces and sold for $249. (1980)

TRS-80 Model II

The TRS-80 Model II was sold as a business computer. It featured 32K up to 64K of RAM, built-in 8 inch floppy drives (holding 500 K each), Z-80Z microprocessor at 4MHz, two RS-232 I/O ports, 1 Centronics parallel port, and Interpreter BASIC. The single disk version sold for $3,450. The four disk version sold for $6,599. (1980) The Model II was eventually replaced by the Model 12, which ran TR DOS and CP/M Plus (1982).


The TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) sold for about $200. The Color Computer used the 6809 microprocessor chip. It had an optional speech synthesizer, diskette drives and modem. It used a 32 character by 16 character display.

Radio Shack MC-10

The Radio Shack MC-10 micro color computer sold for about $120 and came with 4 K of memory.

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