* Examples of Sperry Products : Sperry Gyroscope Company - Sperry Rand

The Sperry Gyroscope Company was founded by Elmer Sperry in 1910.
In 1955, Sperry merged with Remington Rand to form Sperry Rand.
See details on the history of these companies at
UNISYS History.

Sperry Gyroscope Company, Gyro-Compass manual 1943.


Sperry Rand flight course indicator. Note that this unit says Honeywell on the front, and Sperry Rand on the back.

Back of Sperry Rand Course Indicator

Panel on Sperry Rand Course Indicator. Sperry Flight Systems Division of Sperry Rand Corporation.

Sperry Flight Computer.

Sperry Flight Horizon Indicator Gyroscope.

Sperry Gyroscope Company advertisement 1945.


Sperry Remington 665 Hand-held calculator, circa 1973.

Sperry Remington 661-D Hand-held calculator, circa 1973.



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