SOL 20 - Personal Computer (Processor Technology) (1976)

The SOL 20 was based on the 8080 microprocessor, included video display circuitry, 1,024 words of static, low-power RAM, 85 key keyboard, 512 word PROM, power supply, BASIC-5 software and audio cassette interface.

The SOL 20 was introduced in 1976 and sold for about $475. It came in a handsome case with walnut sides.


SOL 20 Inside View


Other SOL Systems

Processor Technology Corporation of Emeryville, California produced a variety of microprocessor systems starting in 1975.

SOL System 1

The SOL System 1, introduced in 1975, was based on the Intel 8080A microprocessor. The SOL came in kit form for about $1,649 or in a fully assembled version for $2,129.

SOL 10

The SOL 10 was based on the 8080A microprocessor. It included a keyboard but required an optional monitor and cassette player. It sold for about $795 (1976).

SOL System II

The SOL System II came with 16K memory, video monitor, keyboard, and cassette recorder with BASIC. The SOL System II was available in December 1977, and sold for $1,883 in kit form, or $2,283 fully assembled.


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