The Polymorphic Personal Computer (1978)

Polymorphic System 8813

The 8813 system was sold as a business and professional system and was available in 1978 for $3,250.

The System 8813 came with BASIC, a text editor, assembly language and various system utilities.

Other PolyMorphic Systems

PolyMorphic Systems of California (Goleta and Santa Barbara) produced the "Micro-Altair" microcomputer (1976). The Micro-Altair was designed to be compatible with Altair software and peripherals. The Micro-Altair was later re-named the "Poly-88" (Polymorphic 88).

Micro-Altair (PolyMorphic 88) (1976)

The Micro-Altair was based on the 8080 microprocessor and included 512 bytes of RAM. It could hold multiple processor boards in its case. It required a TV monitor and keyboard to operate. It sold for about $475, including cabinet and power supply.

PolyMorphic 88 System 16

The System 16 consisted of the PolyMorphic 88, 16K memory, high speed video display unit, alphanumeric keyboard, and cassette player for program storage. The System 16 was priced at $2,250 (1977).



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