NeXT Computers (1989-1992)

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1985: Steve Jobs, 30, resigns from Apple to form NeXT Inc.

1989: NeXT's first computer, the Cube, goes on sale for $10,000. It is powered by a Motorola 030 processor. This revolutionary PC is a 1 foot square jet black unit with no floppy drive. Instead it uses an Optical Disk. The NeXT OS is UNIX based and is a big hit with universities and the government.


1991 - 1992 NeXT introduces several new models. An 040 Cube with a floppy drive. A flat "pizza box" workstation in a mono and color version. NeXT is the first PC company to offer the OS and applications on a CDROM.


1993: After years of struggle, NeXT shuts down its hardware division. However, its operating system flourishes. The UNIX based NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP OS is rock solid and perfect for a networked environment. This OS will later become Apple Computer's OSX.


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