Newbrain Microcomputer (1983)

Photo courtesy of Brian Warwick.

The Grundy NewBrain was originally designed by Sinclair Radionics and had a checkered history. it was in limbo for over two years after it was officially announced by Newbury Laboratories , until it was rescued by the British Technology Group who placed final design and production with the Grundy Group

The Newbrain was a keyboard-based unit in three versions. It is based around the Z80A processor at 4MHz with a minimum 2K RAM with up to 20K on board a external expansion unit can take this up to 4M. A 16k BASIC compiler comes as standard.

The keyboard has 62 small keys that are similar to a calculator rather than typewriter style. The outputs include 1Vpp video, UHF TV and an expansion bus. The video display output gives 24 x 40 characters with the possibility of full viewdata / teletext graphics. The Expansion unit can support 2 x 180k floppy disk drives.  


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