Morrow Design Microcomputer (1983)


Morrow Designs, of San Leandro, California, was started in 1976 by George Morrow. It produced several different microcomputer systems including the following:

Morrow Decision 1

The Decision 1 utilized the Z-80 microprocessor and could support floppy disk drives and a hard drive. It was available in 1980 and ran CP/M.

MD 3

The MD3 was similar to the Decision 1.

Morrow MD11

The MD11 microcomputer system came with monitor, cpu, keyboard, diskette drives, an 11 megabyte hard disk drive, 8K ROM, 128K RAM, two serial ports, one parallel port, and a mainframe communications port. It sold for $2,745 and was available in 1983.


(Photo above shows a dual floppy disk drive unit)


Inside the Morrow Decision disk drive unit. 1983


AMD Processor Chip


AMD Processor Chip (in window) 1983


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