Lexitron VT 1303 Dedicated Word Processor (1978)

Lexitron Corporation produced a series of dedicated word processing microcomputers. Lexitron was the first to use a full size video display screen (CRT) in its models ( by 1978). Lexitron models included the VT 1202 and the VT 1303. The Lexitron VT 1303 (pictured here) used 5-1/4 inch floppy diskettes. The program disk was inserted in one drive, and the system booted up. The data diskette was then put in the second drive. The operating system and the word processing program were combined in one program.

The machine used a daisywheel impact printer (not shown). Lexitron was later purchased by Raytheon and the models were produced for a short time as Lexitron-Raytheon. Competing microcomputers of the early 1980's had multipurpose capability, and use of dedicated word processing machines fell off sharply by the mid to end of the 1980's.


(See Dedicated Word Processing Microcomputers)

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