IBM 701 (1952)

(Thomas Watson, Senior, seated at the IBM 701 console)

The IBM 701 was a general purpose electronic computer developed by IBM in 1952. The first production machine was available in December 1952, and officially announced at a public event on April 7, 1953. The 701 utilized two model 706 electrostatic storage units, a model 711 punched card reader, model 716 printer, model 721 punched-card recorder, model 726 magnetic tape reader/recorder, and a model 731 magnetic drum reader/recorder.

The 701 was also known as the "Defense Calculator."

About 19 IBM 701 machines were built from 1952 to 1955. Most of these were sent to government agencies for defense, atomic research, navy and the weather bureau.

IBM 701 full room view

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