Dragon 32 and 64 Microcomputers (1982-1983)

Dragon 32 photo courtesy of Lee Bendall.

The Dragon 32 microcomputer was introduced in 1982 by Dragon Data, a subsidiary of Mettoy, a UK company.

The Dragon 32 was based on the Motorola 6809 microprocessor chip and had 32 Kb of memory. One of Dragon's successful outlets was the UK chain store "Boots." By 1983, about 40,000 Dragon 32's had been sold. Dragon Data became the largest privately owned company in Wales. By May of 1983, a 64K upgrade board was available for the Dragon. By August, the Dragon 64 became available in the U.S.

Another computer, the Dragon MSX computer, a 128 K memory machine, was introduced in May 1985. The Dragon MSX was built by Radofin, the same Hong Kong based company that manufactured the Aquarius computer for Mattel. The Dragon MSX was based on the Z80 microprocessor, and was not compatible with the original Dragon 32 computer.

Dragon 64 Photo courtesy of Brian Warwick.


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