Dive Computers

A Brief Word About Dive Computers

Dive Computers for SCUBA diving come in various types, styles and sizes. Typicaly, a dive computer is used to measure and track the depth of each dive, and store this information for later viewing or downloading into a PC. Some dive computers can also help calculate air mixtures (deep diving can require using mixed gases, such as Nitrox (Oxygen Enriched Nitrogen)). Some computers keep track of decompression times, "no-fly" times and other information.

Some dive computers are attached to the air pressure valve hoses and/or compass unit and some can be worn on the diver's wrist.

This page shows examples of different models (about 1997-1999, unless otherwise stated).

(SCUBA = Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)


DataTrans Plus


SUUNTO® VYPER Advanced Computer


Aladin Pro Dive Computer, wrist mounted


Dive Computer, Wrist Band, from IST Sports



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