Commodore PET - 1977

(cassette tape version)

Commodore released the PET ("Personal Electronic Transactor") in late 1977.

It was a desktop computer with case, tape cassette, keyboard and monitor, and sold for $595.00. Sales were very good, thousands were sold.

The PET was based on a 6502 microprocessor. It had a 9 inch, 1000 character display screen (25 lines by 40 characters). There were several PET models. Model 2001-8 had a compact keyboard and a built-in tape cassette unit. Models 2001-16 and 2001-32, and later models labeled "CBM" instead of "PET" had full-sized keyboards and a separate tape cassette unit. Commodore later changed the "PET" designation to "CBM" for Commodore Business Machine.







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