Chip - Rockwell R6511 Microprocessor chip

The R6511 is part of Rockwell's R6500 family of 6502 compatible processors. The R6511 is a very enhanced version of the MOS Technologies 6502. This would have been a peer to the Intel 8088 and 80286 on the timeline.

The chip has a very unusual packaging. The chip has two rows on pins on either side. All the pins stick out to the sides, but they alternate one shorter, one longer. It is a unique pin layout even for the R6500 series. The R6502 and 12 are 40 pin DIP's (Dual Inline Package), the 6503,4,5,6,7,13,14,15 are all 28 pin DIPs.

The R6511 is the only package with 64 pins and in the alternating pin arrangement called a QUIP (Quad Inline Package).

Information and Photo Courtesy of Steve Emery

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