Chip - Intel 8088 Microprocessor and support chips (1981)

Intel's historic 16-bit microprocessor containing 29,000 transistors (top left).

Shown is a D8088 CPU and set of 8 chips that represent the first generation of support chips for the 8080, 8086, and 8088. All the chips are date coded from the late seventies to the early eighties. The chips included are as follows:

The 8088 CPU chip - 8/16-bit Central Processing Unit (the Brains)
The 8212 Latch chip - Latch Device (temporary storage of 8-bit of information, usually used between interfaces)
The 8216 chip - Bus driver (used to interface to the system bus)
The 8218 Bus (8080) Interface chip - used to interface to the system bus, this was used with 8080 CPU's
The 8257 DMA chip - Direct Memory Access (coordinated applications/devices using direct access to memory, off-loading CPU)
The 8259 Interrupt Controller chip - used to manage interrupts from I/O devices
The 8273 chip - HDLC Protocol Controller (used for HDLC/SDLC communications)
The 8274 chip - Multi-protocol Controller (used for communications)
The 8275 chip - CRT Controller (used to manage the computer's display device)

These are all the chips that might have found their way onto a computer motherboard or support cards that used the 8080/8088 CPU's.

Information and Photos Courtesy of Steve Emery

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