Byte Magazine - Issue #1 September 1975

BYTE Magazine was very popular with computer enthusiasts and is one of the longest running computer periodicals.

Issue #1 sold for $1.50 and contained 96 pages of articles, ads and information.

The first issue contains a very interesting article about how BYTE got started.

The advertisers index for Issue #1 contained the following: ACM, AP Products, Babylon, Delta, Godbout, Hickok, James, Martin Research, Meshna, Micro Digital, MITS, Processor Technology, RGS, S.D. Sales, Scelbi, Solid State, Sphere, Suntronix, Wahl. (How many of these sound familiar today???)

Published by Green Publishing, Wayne Green

Editor: Carl T. Helmers Jr.

Assistant Publisher: Judith Havey

Associate Editors: Dan Fylstra and Chris Ryland

Contributing Editors: Hal Chamberlin, Don Lancaster

Editors: John Burnett, Susan G. Philbrick

Production Manager: Lynn Panciera-Fraser

Articles in Issue #1 featured the Scelbi, National Semiconductor IMP-8, IMP-16, Altair, RGS 008A and others.


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