Bendix G15 Computer (circa 1958)

The BENDIX G-15 computer was manufactured by Bendix Aviation Corporation, Computer Division, Los Angeles, California, in the mid to late 1950's.

The BENDIX G-15 was about 5 x 3 x 3 feet and weighed about 950 pounds. The base system, without peripherals, cost $49,500 and was available at a monthly rental fee of $1,485.

The G-15 could utilize a high-speed paper tape punch for output, punched cards, or a graph plotter. It used magnetic tape storage. It utilized paper tape or punched card input.

The G-15D could perform addition or subtraction functions at about 2.5 milliseconds and multiplication or division at about 20 milliseconds.

The G-15 had vacuum tubes and germanium diodes. 180 tube packs and 300 diode packs.

Four Bendix MTA-2 Magnetic Tape Units
Storage capacity: 300,000 words per tape unit
430 Characters per second input speed
430 Characters per second output speed


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