Amstrad CPC 6128

Photo Courtesy of Stefan Mansier, Computer Pictures Database.


The CPC6128 was launched in 1985, and contained the Z80 Processor with a clock speed of 4 MHz and a ROM of 48 KB and a 128 KB of RAM There were 3 modes, 80 characters x 25 lines - 40 x 25 -20 x 25 GRAPHIC Modes 640 x 200 pixels -320 x 200 -160 x 200 the colors available were dependent on the mode 2 Colours in 640x200, 4 in 320x200, 16 in 160x200. The sound was generated by a GI AY8910 giving 3 channels.

The interfaces include Printer, Bus, Joystick and RGB, unlike most machines of the time there was no TV connector as standard it was necessary to purchase a MP1 modulator and power supply to use a TV as a display.

The CPC128 was an updated version of the CPC464 / CPC664 like the latter it had a 3" disk drive. the main difference was the 128kb of RAM, although there was an increase of 64 kb it was used as a RAM disk. (info courtesy of Brian Warwick)


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