Acorn Microcomputers (c1980's)

Acorn Atom (See More About Acorn Atom)

Acorn Master

Acorn BBC Model B

Acorn Electron

Acorn Computers was started by Chris Curry and Herman Hauser, former employees of Sinclair.

Acorn made a variety of microcomputers, including single board computers, such as the following:

- Acorn Atom, single board, 3k memory, released in 1980

- Acorn Electron, released in 1983 with 16K, sold for 199 UK Pounds

- Acorn BBC Master 128, 6510 processor, released in 1985

- Acorn BBC Master 512; 6512 processor, 512 K RAM, runs CP/M

- Acorn BBC Master Compact, 3.5 inch floppy drive, color monitor

... and other models (See Acorn BBC Master)


Acorn Photos Courtesy of Tony Brown.


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