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Surface Mount Technology Abbreviations

Abbreviations & Acronyms in Surface Mount Technology

printed circuit boards and related components

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BGA  ball-grid-array

CAD  computer aided design

CC  chip carrier

CFC  chloroflurocarbon

CSP  chip scale packing

CTE  coefficient of thermal expansion

DFM  design for manufacturability

DI       deionized

DIMM  dual in-line memory module

HFC  hydroflurocarbon

IC       integrated circuit

ICT  in-circuit test

LICA  low inductance capacitor array

LVLP  low volume, low pressure

MFOV  multiple fields of view

MTBF  mean time between failures

MTTR  mean time to repair

PCA  printed circuit assembly

PCB  printed circuit board

PWA  printed wiring array

QPL  qualified products list

SED  static event detectors

SIMM  single in-line memory module

SMT  surface mount technology

TBGA  tape ball grid array

TCB  thermocompression binding

TMVT  test monitoring and validation team

TVSOP  thin very small outline package

UV  ultra violet

VOC  volatile organic compounds


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