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Computer Security and Privacy

Computer Security and Privacy

Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Surface Mount Technologies


File Extensions




ACF Audit Control Facility

ACM Association for Computing Machinery

ACS asynchronous communications server

ADP automatic data processing

AI artificial intelligence

AI/ES artificial intelligence/expert systems

AIM Association for Information Management

AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals

ANSI American National Standards Institute

API application program interface

APL A Programming Language

APPI advanced peer-to-peer internetworking

APPN advanced peer-to-peer networking

ARP address resolution protocol

ARPA Advanced Research Products Agency (of USAF)

ARPANET ARPA Network of the Department of Defense

ARQ automatic request for repeat

ARU Audio-Response Unit

ASA American Standards Association

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIS American Society for Information Science

ASLIB Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaus

ASM Association for Systems Management

ASR Automatic Send-Receive

AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph Company

ATM asynchronous transfer mode

ATM automated teller machine


B-ISDN Broadband-Integrated Services Digital Network

BBS bulletin board service

BCD binary coded decimal

BER bit error rate

BSA Business Software Alliance


C (a programming language)

CAD computer-aided design

CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board

CCITT Consultative Committee International Telegraph and Telephone

CD-ROM compact disc read-only memory

CD compact disc

CDE data circuit terminating equipment

CDI coolant distribution unit

CDP certificate in data processing

CE customer engineer

CEC Commission of the European Communities

CERT Computer Emergency Response Team

CF cash flow

CFO chief financial officer

CI counter intelligence

CIO chief information officer

CIR committed information rate

CIS computer information systems

CMC common mail calls

CMS conversational monitoring system (IBM)

COBOL Common Business Oriented Language

CODASYL Conference On Data System Languages

COMPUSEC Computer Security

COMSEC Communications Security

COTRA Computer Threat Research Association

CPM critical path method

CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

CPU central processing unit

CRT cathode ray tube

CSMA carrier sense multiple access

CSU central storage unit

CTAK cyper text auto key

CTCPEC Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria

CTD cumulative trauma disorder

CUT control unit terminal

CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association


DARING Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Information Group

DB database

DBA database administrator

DBA database administration

DCL Digital Command Language

DCS digital cross-connect switches

DECA Defense Counter Intelligence Awareness

DES data encryption standard

DISP Defense Industrial Security Program

DISSOS Distributed Office Support System (IBM)

DLS data link switching

DOD Department of Defense

DOE Department of Energy

DOIS Director of Industrial Security

DOJ Department of Justice

DOS disk operating system

DOSF Distributed Office Support Facility (IBM)

DPA demand protocol architecture

DPE data processing environment

DPE data processing equipment

DPI data processing installation

DQDB distributed queue data bus

DTE data terminal equipment

DTLS descriptive top-level specification


EBBS electronic bulletin board system

EBCDIC extended binary coded decimal interchange code

EDI electronic data interchange

EDP electronic data processing

EFTS electronic funds transfer system

EIA Electronic Industries Association

ELF extremely low frequency

EMF electromagnetic fields

EMR electromagnetic radiation

EO Executive Order

EO for your eyes only

EOF end of file

EOJ end of job

EOM end of month

EOT end of transmission

EPL evaluated products list

ETL endorsed tools list

ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute


FAST Federation Against Software Theft (U.K.)

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FC Federal Criteria for Information Security

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FD floppy disk

FDDI fiber distributed data interface

FIFO first-in, first-out

FIMAS Financial Institutional Message Authentication Standard

FIPS Federation of Information Processing Societies

FOIA Freedom of Information Act

FORTRAN Formula Translator

FSTS Federal Secure Telecommunications System

FTLS Formal Top-Level Specification

FYI for your information


GAO General Accounting Office

GASB Government Accounting Standards Board

GIGO garbage-in, garbage-out

GIS graphical information system

GNS Global Network Services

GPO Government Printing Office

GSA General Services Administration


HDLC high-level link control

HDSL high-bit rate digital subscriber

HF high frequency

HOS higher-order software

HTTPS Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure

HVAC heating-ventilation-air conditioning

HW hardware


I/O input/output

IBM International Business Machines Corporation

ICLID incoming caller identification

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

INFOSEC Information Security

IP Internet Protocol

IPX Internet Packet Exchange

ISA information security administrator

ISDN integrated services digital network

ISM Industrial Security Manual

ISO International Standards Organization


IT Information Technology

ITF integrated test facility

ITP Industrial Tempest Program

ITSEC Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria

IV initialization vector

IXC interexchange carrier


JCL job control language


Kb kilobit

KB kilobyte

KSOS kernelized secure operating system


LAN local area network

LAPM link access procedure for modems

LASR limited access search and retrieval

LATAS local access and transport areas

LEA law enforcement agency

LED light emitting diode

LF low frequency

LLC2 logical link control 2

LMS library management system

Lotus Lotus 1-2-3 software

LSU LAN service unit


MAC media access control

MAC Macintosh Computer (Apple)

MAN metropolitan area network

MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface

MAU multistation access unit

MB megabyte

MHS message handling system

MHz megahertz

MIB Medical Information Bureau

MIB management information base

MICR magnetic ink character recognition

MIPS million instructions per second

MIS management information system

MIS management information services

MNP Microcom Network Protocol

MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System

MTA message transfer agent

MTP message transfer part

MVS multiple virtual storage (IBM)


NARA National Records and Archives Administration

NBS National Bureau of Standards

NCD network cryptographic device

NCIC National Crime Information Center

NCP Network Control Program

NCSC National Computer Security Center

NetDDE network dynamic data exchange

NFE network front-end

NGM Netware Global Messaging ((C) Novell, Inc.)

NIC network interface card

NIS network information services

NIST National Institute for Standards and Technology

NLM Netware Loadable Module ((C) Novell, Inc.)

NSA National Security Agency

NSC National Security Council

NSDD National Security Decision Directive

NSIAD National Security and International Affairs Division (GAO)

NTFS Windows NT File System

NTIS National Technical Information Service

NTT Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company


OCR optical character reader

OCR optical character recognition

ODBC open database connectivity

OIS office information system

OLE object linking and embedding

OMB Office of Management Budget

ONC open network computing

ONN open network nodes

OPSF open shortest path first

OSI Open Systems Interconnection

OSI/ISDN Open Systems Interconnect/Integrated Services Digital Network

OTA Office of Technology Assessment


PAC political action committee

PC AT Personal Computer Advanced Technology (IBM)

PC personal computer

PC DOS Personal Computer Disk Operating System (IBM)

PDA personal digital assistant

PIN personal identification number

PKC public key crypto system

PL/1 Programming Language 1

PPL Preferred Products List

PS/2 Personal System 2 (IBM)


QRA Quantitative risk analysis


RACF Resource Access Control Facility (IBM)

RAM random access memory

RAP Record of Arrests and Prosecutions

RBOC Regional Bell Operating Company

RF Radio Frequency

RFE Radio Frequency Emissions

RFI Radio Frequency Interference

RIP routing information protocol

RLN remote LAN node

ROM read only memory

RPG Report Program Generator

RSI repetitive strain injury


SAC Special Access Program

SAFE Secure Access Facility for the Enterprise (Micronyx Inc.)

SAP service advertising protocol

SCOMP secure communications processor

SDB statistical database

SDH synchronous digital hierarchy

SDI Strategic Defense Initiative

SDP standard directory package

SEC security

SECEDIT security edit

SECOFF security officer

SMDS switched multimegabit data service

SMF system management facility

SMF Standard Messaging Format ((C) Novell, Inc.)

SMI simple messaging interface

SMTP simple mail transfer protocol

SNADS SNA Distribution Services

SONET Synchronous Optical Network

SPA Software Publishers Association

SPC Statistical Process Control

SPM security project module

SSMF statistical security management facility

STP shielded twisted pair

SVC switched virtual circuits

SW software


TAI Telecommunications Advisors, Inc.

TCB trusted computing base

TCP transmission control protocol

TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol

TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria

TDI Trusted Database Interpretation

TGN TYMNET Global Network (R)

TLS Top Level Specifications

TNI Trusted Network Interpretation

TNIG Trusted Network Interpretation Environments Guideline

TP teleprocessing


UART universal asynchronous receiver transmitter

UPS uninterruptible power system

UTP unshielded twisted pair.



VDT video display tube

VHF very high frequency

VIM vendor independent messaging

VLF very low frequency

VM virtual machine (IBM)

VPA volume purchase agreement

VPD voice privacy device

VPDN virtual private data networks

VSAT very small aperture terminals

VTAM virtual telecommunications access method



WAITS wide-area information transfer systems

WATS wide-area telephone service

WE write enable

WINDO wide information network for data online

WOSA Windows Open Systems Architecture

WYSIWYG what you see is what you get


XAPIA X.400 Applications Programming Interface Association

XNOS experimental network operating system

XREF cross-reference


YY/MM/DD year-month-day

Y2K bug Year 2000 related computer problems

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