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Lexikon's "History of Computing" is the world's largest encyclopedia of computing history available on CD ROM.
Even this large resource cannot cover the entire subject of computer history and every computer model produced. However, this unique educational tool and reference guide provides information on hundreds of computing machines, topics and historical facts.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with an introduction to the subject computing history and to spark your interest for further exploration into this fascinating arena.

We have attempted to list as many of the important early computers as possible, however, our list is definitely not complete. Since 1939, there have been over 4,000 different computer types produced, and the total number of computers in existence today exceeds 500 million!

The bibliography provided as well as the external links page will provide you with many additional reference sources for further research. If you have a computer or machine you would like us to list in the next edition, or if you spot an error on our part, please contact the publisher at ComputerHistory@aol.com.

This browser-enabled encyclopedia format has been chosen to provide you with quick access hundreds of pages of information, references and photos.
This encyclopedia is best viewed at
1024 x 768 resolution.

What This Book Contains

Over 1,600 graphics, photos, charts, tables and illustrations.

Profiles of over 100 digital computers made before 1955.

Giant Brains, Supercomputers, Mainframes, Minicomputers, Microcomputers.

Profiles of computer pioneers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Profiles of computer companies, associations, and organizations.

Over 210 computer languages and dates of origin.

Extensive Bibliography of reference sources, by subject matter.

Chronology of Historical Events Covering 6,000 years.

Names and Addresses for Computer Museums and other Resources

Numerous Historical Articles and Special Topics.

Numerous Chronologies of Historical Technical Events and Discoveries.

A Special Section covering the history of the Comptometer adding machines.

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How to Use This Book

We have designed this book with multiple indexes, to let you explore the information from different viewpoints. You can start exploring virtually anywhere.
We suggest you start by browsing one of the following sections.
Master Index is one of the best ways to browse!

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Technical Information


History of Computing: An Encyclopedia of the People and Machines that Made Computer History


Mark W. Greenia


Lexikon Services Publishing (ComputerHistory@aol.com)




2002-3 (Copyright 1982-2001, 2003 Lexikon Services)

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Legal and Copyright Information:

The information contained in this work has been compiled for educational purposes only.

It is provided "as-is," without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including any warranty of accuracy of any information. No claims are made for any use of this material, and in no case shall Lexikon Services, or its divisions, directors, officers, editors or agents be liable or responsible for any inaccuracies or any claims for damages arising out of the use of this material or this software.

Any names of corporations, companies, individuals, trademarks, trade names or copyrighted names are used herein as part of the historical information presented and do not imply endorsement by such companies or individuals of the information herein provided. Trademarks, tradenames, and service marks are the property of their respective legal owners. Any articles, topics or material submitted toLexikon Services become the non-exclusive property of Lexikon Services for the purpose of publication in this encyclopedia. Use of this software is governed by the license agreement. It is not to be used for any purpose other than educational material. This material is not to be used, sold, changed, modified, copied, stored or retrieved in any manner other than as specified for general use in the license agreement. Any hyperlinks provided in this encyclopedia that point to external online sources are provided for educational reference only and do not imply and endorsement or relationship of any kind between Lexikon Services or those entities linked to.

Lexikon Services retains all rights to this material and its usage, duplication, and storage, both in printed form and in any electronic form on any media.

"The History of Computing: An Encyclopedia of the People and Machines
that Made Computer History" is copyrighted by Lexikon Services.

Copyright (C) 1982-2001, 2003 Lexikon Services


License Agreement

This software is NOT shareware or freeware.

By obtaining this software from Lexikon Services, you are granted one "single-user"
license. You may use the software on a single machine, but shall not alter, duplicate or
otherwise change the material, or resell it or any portions of it. Lexikon Services retains all
rights to this material and its usage, duplication, and storage, both in printed form
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This material shall NOT be placed on public access networks, Internet/Intranet servers, ftp sites or bulletin boards where such location would permit or facilitate multi-user access in violation of this license without written permission from the publisher.

Future Technology Clause:

Lexikon Services retains all rights, including electronic rights, to this material and retains rights to its use and duplication on any and all electronic media or other media now known or herinafter
Conceived or created.

Your use of this software in any manner constitutes an agreement to
abide by the above terms. Thank you.

Specific Information About Photo Copyrights Here.

Copyright (C) 1982-2001, 2003 Lexikon Services

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