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Create Your Own Slide Show

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This CD contains many more photos than those displayed through the Master Index. Some photos are different angles of the same device, or different sizes, designed for you to use in educational reports or presentations.

You can create your own custom slide show of all photos, or just selected photos by using the Polyview software that comes on this CD, or any photo viewer you wish.


Over 1,600 photos in all!

This CD contains over 1,400 .jpg files of photos and over 200 .gif files.


Any viewer that displays .jpg and .gif files can be used
to create a slide show.

We recommend Polyview!

About Polyview

You may want to try the Polyview.exe Shareware program
that you will find on this CD.

Polybytes (the makers of Polyview) has allowed us to include a trial version of their software.

If you like the Polyview shareware, you are asked to pay Polybytes the license fee for registering Polyview.

It is well worth it. It is a great viewing program.

You may also use your web browser to view photos directly.

(Polyview is not affiliated with Lexikon Services.)

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