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Thank You to the many individuals and organizations that
provided valuable information, feedback and support.


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Personal Acknowledgements

Special acknowledgements for new material in this expanded 2002-2003 Edition go to the following:

John Woodall, Vintage Micros, Inc. (www.VintageMicros.com)
Vintage Micros Inc. specializes in vintage and obsolete hardware, software, manuals and related memorabilia including
NeXT, Lisa, Apple II, Apple III, Macintosh.
(contributed Article)

Curt Vendel, and the Atari Historical Society's Virtual Atari Museum (www.AtariMuseum.com)

Peter Byford, Chairman, LEO Computers Society, (www.leo-computers.org.uk)

Hamish Carmichael, Computer Conservation Society (UK),(www.cs.man.ac.uk/CCS)

Joshua at www.Dontomaz.com
Dealling in new, used computers/parts, ancient, Vintage HP stuff, such as thermal printers, Model 87 and Model 85 terminals, testing equipment, HP9000, Old manuals and more. See them in ebay too.

Craig Solomonson (photos)

Steve Emery (photos)

Ed Thelen (photos)

Walter Mosscrop (photos)

Paul Stuijt, Netherlands

And many others! Thank you!


Special acknowledgements also go to the following:

Dr. Robert Taylor, Digital Research Corporation (former director of IPTO, ARPA)

Dr. Douglas Engelbart, Bootstrap Institute (inventor of the "mouse," interactive windows, and more)

Dr. Jack Goldberg, SRI, International

Prof. Dr. Heinz Zemanek, Historian, Scientist, Computer Pioneer, IFIP

Prof. Dr. Konrad Zuse, Computer Scientist, Computer Pioneer (computer pioneer, inventor of Z3 digital computer)

Dr. Edwin L. Harder (formerly of Westinghouse Corporation)

Bruce H. Bruemmer, Charles Babbage Institute

Robert Godfrey, Archivist, International Business Machines Corporation

Jessie O. Kempter, International Business Machines Corporation

Andrew Goldstein, Curator, Center for the History of Electrical Engineering

Mark L. Darby, Archivist, Institute for Advanced Study

John A.N. (Jan) Lee, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech

John M. Anderson, Historian, Hall of History Foundation

C. Raymond Perrault, Director, Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI Int.

Kara Schneiderman, Archivist, Mass. Institute of Technology, MIT Museum

Sally Bedow, Mass. Institute of Technology, MIT Museum

Kathy Marquis, MIT Archives and Special Collections

Jacqueline Cox, Archivist King's College, Cambridge University, England

Karma A. Beal, Archivist, Office of Information Services, NIST

Gail M. Pietrzyk, Public Service Archivist, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Charles A. Ruch, Historian, Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Kathleen A. Markees, Harvard University Archives

Susan A. Dayall, Assistant Director, Hampshire College Library

Karen Blanco, Prima Publishing, Inc.

Carl Maddalone, Editorial Serv./Permissions, Van Nostrand Reinhold

Victoria Yates, Manager, Marketing Communications, Olivetti U.S.A.

Florence B. Eichin, Permissions Manager, Penguin U.S.A.

Melanie Adams, Permissions, National Geographic Magazine

Alan J. Buddendeck, Public Relations, NCR Corporation, World H.Q.

Pamela Mahler, Novell, Inc.

Carol Parcels, Public Relations Services, Hewlett-Packard

J. Richard Iverson, President/CEO, American Electronics Association

Karen Logsdon, Public Relations Manager, NeXT Computer, Inc.

Mark V. Rosenker, Vice Pres. Public Affairs, Electronic Industries Assoc.

Victoria Yates, Manager, Marketing Communications, Olivetti Office U.S.A.

Master Sargeant Carl E. Bailey, U.S.A.F. Historical Research Center

Daniel Finster, Institute for Computer Archeology

Douglas W. Jones, Iowa State University

Ian Robb, Director of Corporate Communications, Siemens-Nixdorf

Mike Brozda, Corporate Communications, National Semiconductor Corporation

Eric Schuster, Historian, Motorola Museum

David Greelish, President, Historical Computer Society

Kip Crosby, President, Computer History Association of California

Guy Ball, International Association of Calculator Collectors

Robert Morrisette, Consultant

Robert K. Otnes, The Oughtred Society

Dr. Edward Roberts, (founder of MITS, Inc.)

Chris Bradley, Manager, Marketing Communications, Zilog, Inc.

Ms. GiGi Konwin, of "This Old Office"

Kirk L. Thompson, (former editor of "Staunch 8/89'er")

Richard Birkby, ("History of Microprocessors")

Chris P. Burton, Computer Conservation Society

Andrew Carrick, Senior Editor, Science, UCL Press, London

Enrico Tedeschi, Wireless Radio Collector and computer enthusiast

Terry D. Lindell, Pampanito (TDC Restoration Article)

Russell Booth, National Maritime Museum Association

David Skinner and Tara Shaver, VivaTexte, Inc.

Roberta Reed (editing and proofing selected sections)

Barry Martin (editing and proofing selected sections)

Bridgette Greenia (artwork)

Jason Greenia (technical assistance and help with photos)

Robert King, article on Evolution of Today's Calculator

Lisa Webber, Digital Memories

Jim Young, Donovan, Jane Bachmann & Julie Leffler, Disc Makers, Inc.

Oleg Kiselyov, article: "Dream of an Ultimate OS"

Paul Pierce, Computer Historian

Kevin Stumpf, Founder of Commercial Computing Museum

Hal Layer, San Francisco State University

Barry Schrader, Public Affairs Office, Sandia, California

Mr. Brooke W. Boering, for Comptometer History pages

Beth Kaplan, Charles Baggage Institute 

Hamish Carmichael, Computer Conservation Society

Peter Byford, Chairman, LEO Computers Society

Craig Solomonson (photos)

Steve Emery (photos)

Ed Thelen (photos)

Walter Mosscrop (photos)


Corporate and Other Acknowledgements

Apple Computer, Inc.

Atari Corporation

Auction Team Breker, Koeln, Germany

Australian Computer Society

Australian Computer Museum Society

BMT Micro, Inc.

Boston Computer Museum

Bull HN Information Systems

BYTE Magazine

Charles Babbage Institute

Compaq Computer

Computer Conservation Society

Computer History Association of California

Computer Sciences Corporation

Control Data Corporation

CPT Corporation

Cray Research Corporation

Data General

Datapoint Corporation

Data Processing Management Association

Dell Computer Corporation

Dialog Information Services

Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital Memories


Electronic Industries Association

Fujitsu America Inc.

Hackett Electronics

Harvard University Archives

Hewlett-Packard Corporation

Historical Computer Society

Honeywell-Bull Corporation

Ing. C. Olivetti & C., S.p.A.

Intel Corporation

International Association of Calculator Collectors

International Business Machines Corporation

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Kaypro Corporation

Lanier Worldwide, Inc.

LEO Computers Society

Lotus Development Corporation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Microsoft Corporation

Mindful Press, Inc. (Ted Nelson's books)

Motorola, Inc.

National Center for Computer Crime Data

National Maritime Museum Association

National Science Foundation

National Security Agency/Central Security Service

National Semiconductor Corporation

National Technical Information Service

National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Dept. of Commerce

National Museum of American History (Smithsonian Institution)

National Cash Register Company

NCR Corporation

NEC Technologies, Inc.

Office of Technology Policy (U.S.)

Office of Naval Research (U.S.)

Popular Science/Times Mirror Magazines

Prime Computer Corporation

Robotic Industries Association


Simulogics (www.simulogics.com)

Staubli Unimation Inc.

Tandy Corporation

Texas Instruments

The Oughtred Society

This Old Office

Toshiba Information Systems Inc., Computer Systems Division

UNISYS Corporation

University of Pennsylvania Archives, Moore School

University Video Communications

U.S. Air Force Historical Reference Center

U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics

VivaTexte, Inc. (hypermedia development software)

Wang Laboratories, Inc.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Vintage Micros, Inc

Vision River/Gary Smith

Xerox Corporation

Zilog, Inc.



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