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Introduction to Computing

Basics, Tubes, Chips & More.

Who was First In Computing?

First Computers, First Technologies, etc.

History of the Comptometer adding machines

A very detailed history of Felt's Comptometer.

Evolution of Counting and Calculating

A brief timeline of counting/calculating methods.

Giant Computers Before 1956

Over 100 Early Big Computers!

Microcomputer Chronology

Over 170 Early Microcomputers

100 Giant Computers Before 1956

1956 Summary of Computers Installed and On Order

1960's and Beyond: The Advent of Personal Computing

8 Inch Floppy Disk

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Acknowledgements Section

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Analog Computers

ARPA and the Internet (History)

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Bibliography: Apple Computer

Bibliography: Artificial Intelligence; Cybernetics; Expert Systems

Bibliography: Biographical References

Bibliography: Business Computing Related

Biographical Information

Chips (Computer Chips)

Chronologies and Profiles


Chronology of Early Television Technology

Chronology of Languages, Operating Systems, Major Programs

Chronology: Firsts in Computing

Chronology: Master Chronology

Chronology: Software Chronology

Collecting Vintage Computers (article)

Communicating with Computers, a Reflection (John Woodall)

Comptometer ("Biography of a Machine") Special Section

Computer Processing Speed

Computers Types by Physical Size

Copyright and Trademark Information

Counting: Evolution

CP/M Operating System

CPU Chips

Disk Storage Media Compared

Early Computer Technology

Early Large Computers by Square Footage

Early Transistorized Computers

Evolution of Counting

File Extensions and Symbols Reference

Firsts in Computing

Five Generations of Computers

Floppy Diskette Brands

Floppy Diskette Types

Franklin ACE Microcomputers (1980s)

Future Hand-Held Computers?

Giant Brains

Giant Computers Before 1956



Handheld calculator sizes: Then-and-now, comparison


IBM: Brief Chronology

IBM's first microcomputer model 5100 (1975)

Individuals: Computer Pioneers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs

Interdata Model 3 Control Computer (1967)

Internet History: ARPA History

Magnetic Disk: Comparisons

Mainframe CPU Chip

Mainframe: Datamatic 1000

Mainframe: IBM 360

Marchant calculator (1920)

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Master Chronology of Events

Microcomputer Chronology

Microcomputer Topics


Microcomputers Only

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 4004) (1969)

Microprocessor History

Microprocessor Table: Intel


Operating Systems

Operating Systems: CPM

Operating Systems: DOS

Operating Systems: TRS DOS

Organizational Abbreviations & Acronyms

PC Computing Power Growth


People Gallery: Pioneers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs

Personal Computer: Advent of Personal Computing

Personal Computer: Microcomputer Chronology

Prehistory of UNISYS

Programming Languages - Chronology

Quiz: (Answers)

Quiz: Test Your Computer History Knowledge

RCA Spectra 70 Data Processing System (1966)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Transistor: Invention of


Transistors: A Milestone in Computing

Transistors: Vacuum Tubes and Transistors


UNISYS - History

Vacuum Tube Chronology of Development

Vacuum Tube Plug In Board - Bendix G15 (1950s)

Vacuum Tubes and Transistors

Vacuum Tubes: ENIAC

Vacuum Tubes: UNIVAC

Vacuum Tubes: Vacuum Tube Based Computers

Vintage Computer Collecting (article)

Wang (Getronics) History

Wartime Computing (See Bletchley Park, UK)

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What is it?

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Who Was First in Computing?

Word Processors: Dedicated Systems

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