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Comptometer Adding Machine

Evolution of Counting and Calculating

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Individuals: Computer Pioneers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs

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Giant Computers Before 1956

Microcomputer Photos

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ABC-Computer (1940)

ABC-Computer Memory Drum

About this Encyclopedia

Acknowledgements Section

Acorn Microcomputers (c1980s)

Acoustic Coupler, Atari (1980s)

Acoustic Coupler

Actronics Coin Bank Calculator (1980s)

Addi Calculator with Printer

Adix Calculator - Germany (1903)

Address List - Publishers, Distributors, Museums

Advantage PC

Albinar handheld calculator (1980)

Alphie II (Learning Toy) (1980's)

Altair-8800 microcomputer (1974)

Altair 680 microcomputer (1975)

Alto computer by Xerox PARC (1973)

Altos 8000 Model 12A Microcomputer (1981)


Amstrad 8512 Microcomputer

Amstrad CPC 6128 Microcomputer (1980s)

Amstrad PCP 512 Microcomputers (c1980s)

Amstrad PPC 640 Microcomputer (c1980s)

Analog Computers

Analog Computer: EAI

Analog Computer Kit "Calculo" 1959

Analog Computer Kit (GE) (1961)

Analog Computer: Compumedic (1971)

APFmark84 handheld calculator

Apple I Computer (1975)

Apple IIc (1984)

Apple IIc (another view)

Apple IIc (PowerPack)

Apple IIe Computer (1983)

Apple IIGS Computer (1989)

Apple Lisa (1983)

Apple Macintosh Classic (1990)

Apple PowerMac

Apricot Portable PC (1984)

Apricot F1 Microcomputer

ARMY ADP Manual (1958)

ARPA and the Internet (History)

ASCI Option Red Supercomputer (1998)

Assembler Programming Language Coding Form (1970's)

Atari 2600 Home Computer (1977)

Atari 800 Home Computer Advertisement (1981)

Atari Home Game Catalog

Atom Microcomputer

Automation Exposition Flyer (1956)

BBC Microcomputer 64K

BBC Master Microcomputer 1986

Bendix G15 Computer (1950s)

Bendix G15 Computer -Drum Memory

Bendix G15 Computer - Vacuum Tube Board


Bibliography: Apple Computer

Bibliography: Artificial Intelligence; Cybernetics; Expert Systems

Bibliography: Biographical References

Bibliography: Business Computing Related

Bibliography: DEC VAX; VMS; XWINDOWS

Bibliography: Early Calculators

Bibliography: Historical and Early Computing

Bibliography: IBM, Its Organization, Products & People

Bibliography: Microsoft Corporation; Bill Gates

Bibliography: Misc. Computer Companies and Company Histories

Bibliography: Modern Systems; Business; General Computing

Bibliography: Multimedia and Virtual Reality

Bibliography: Office Automation/Factory Automation

Bibliography: PCs; Microcomputers, Microprocessors

Bibliography: Periodicals & Magazines

Bibliography: Robots and Robotics

Bibliography: Russian Computers

Bibliography: Silicon Valley

Bibliography: Slide Rules

Bibliography: Video Tape Reference Materials

Biographical Information

Blickensderfer Typewriter #5 (1890)

Bombe (U.S. Codebreaking Machine) (1943)

Bletchley Park, UK,(codebreaking during World War II)

Brandt Automatic Cashier (1926)

Brief Timeline

Brunsviga Calculator (1892)

Brunsviga Mechanical Calculator (1910)

Burroughs Adding Machine (1911)

Burroughs Class 3 Adding Machine

Burroughs (Illiac-IV) (1965)

Burroughs 5500 Data Processing Machine (1960s)

Burroughs 6700 Data Processing Machine (1960s)

Burroughs Adding Machine Company

Busicom Calculator (1972)

BYTE Magazine Issue #1 (1975)

BYTE Microcomputer model 8080 (1977)

CADAC Computer (1952)


Casio Computer Watch

Casio Pocket Computer

Casio SL-800 Calculator Cad

Cassette Recorder for Home Computers (1983)

CDC-1604 Computer Manual (1959)

CDC-6600 Computer Console (1964)

Chadwick "Magic Brain" Pocket Mechanical Calculator

Challenger Personal Computers (Ohio Scientific) (c1975-1977)

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage Institute

Chess Playing Computers

Chess Computer (Toytronics)

Chieftain PC (1979)

Chips (Computer Chips)

Chip: RAM Chip by Four Phase

Chronology of Early Television Technology

Chronology of Languages, Operating Systems, Major Programs

Chronology: Firsts in Computing

Chronology: Master Chronology

Chronology: Software Chronology

Claude Shannon

Codebreaking Computers (Wartime, see Bletchley Park, UK)

Collecting Vintage Computers (article)

Colmar Arithmometer Mechanical Adding Machine (1870)

Columbia Data Products PC (1983)

Commodore PET Computer (1977)

Commodore VIC 20 (1981)

Commodore 64 Computer (1982)

Commodore SX-64 Portable PC (1984)

Commodore 64C Personal Computer (c1987)

Commodore 128 Personal Computer (1985)

Commodore 128 Personal Computer System Disks (1985)

Commodore 885D handheld calculator

Commodore 996R handheld calculator

Commodore CG986R handheld calculator

Comp IV Computer Game (1977)

Company Profiles

Compaq LTE Laptop

Compaq PC Model 5528 (1995)

Compaq Portable (1982)

Compaq III Portable (Lunchbox style)

Compumatic Football Computer Game

Comptometer ("Biography of a Machine") Special Section

Comptometer Adding Machine (1920)

Compumedic Analog Computer (1971)

Computer Processing Speed

Computers Types by Physical Size

Copyright and Trademark Information

Core Memory (UNIVAC) (1950's)

Core Memory (UNIVAC III)

Core Memory: 1960's

Core Memory: Data General Nova (1972)

Corona PC (1982)

Corvus 415 handheld calculator

Counting: Evolution

CP/M Operating System

CPU Chips

Cray-1 SuperComputer (1976)

Creative Computing magazine (1976)

CRT: Osborne I

CRT: Williams Tube Memory

CSIRAC (Australia) (1949)

Dalton Adding Machine (1920s)

Data General One Computer

DATAmatic 1000 at Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

DATAmatic 1000 Large Scale Data Processing System (1955)

Datatron Computer Console (1953) by Electrodata

Dave Packard 

DEC PDP-1 Minicomputer (1960)

DEC PDP-12 (1969)

DEC PDP-8 (1964)

DECmate II Microcomputer

Dedicated Word Processors

Differential Analyzer (Bush) (1931)

Digicomp Computer Kit (1963)

Disk Pack Storage Media (1988)

Disk Platter by Nashua

Disk Storage Media Compared

Disk Platter Data Storage (Wang 1988)

Disk Platter Data Storage (IBM 1301) (1962)

Dive (SCUBA) Computers

Donkey Kong Game Unit (1982)

Dr. Vannevar Bush

Dragon 32 Microcomputer (1982)

Drum Memory - Bendix G15 (1950s)

Drum Memory Unit -VRC - 1967)

Dynabyte Control Computer (1980)

EAI Analog Computer (1964)

Early Large Computers by Square Footage

Early Transistorized Computers

Early Voice/Music Recording Media (1890)

Edmund Scientific handheld calculator

EDVAC Computer (1952)

Electric Card Sorting Machine (1920)

Electromechanical Relay (1950)

ELECTRONIKA BK 0011M Russian Personal Computer (1991)

ENIAC Computer Photos - Volume I (circa 1946)

ENIAC Computer Photos - Volume II (circa 1946)

Enigma Cypher Machine (Germany) (1940)

Enterprex SR55 handheld calculator

Equinox 100 Microcomputer (c1978)

ETC PC (1976)

Eurocom-1 Single Board Computer 6501 processor (ELTEC Germany)

Evolution of Counting

Exidy PC (1980)

Expansion Card

Facit Handheld Printing Calculator (circa 1980)

File Extensions and Symbols Reference

Firsts in Computing

Five Generations of Computers

Floppy Diskette Brands

Floppy Diskette Types

Franklin ACE Microcomputers (1980s)

Franklin ACE 2200

Franklin ACE 500

Franklin 8000

Future Hand-Held Computers?

GameBoy Color (by Nintendo) (1999)

Gamma-3 Computer (1952)

GE Flip-Flop Boards (1958)

GEM Adding Machine (c1907)

Geniac Computer Kit (1955)

George Stibitz

George Westinghouse

Getronics (Wang/Bull) History

Giant Brains

Giant Computers Before 1956


Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz

Grace Hopper

Graphic Typewriter (1895)

Handheld calculator sizes: Then-and-now, comparison

HandHeld Calculators

Harvard Mark 1 (aka IBM ASCC) (1944)


Heathkit DEC H-11 (Zenith Data Systems)

Heath-Zenith 89 from Kit (1980s)

Herman Hollerith

HEWLETT-PACKARD 32E Handheld Calculator (1978)

HEWLETT-PACKARD 35 - First Scientific Handheld Calculator (1972)



HEWLETT-PACKARD 751 PC (2002) 1.8 Ghz

HEWLETT-PACKARD 771 PC (2002) 2.0 Ghz

History of the Comptometer adding machines

Hitachi External CD ROM Drive (1991)

Hollerith Punched Card Tabulator (1890)

Honeywell Chronology

Honeywell 400 Mainframe Computer System (1964)

Honeywell-Bull DPS 7000 Computer System

Howard Aiken

IBM Model 29 Card Punch (Manual & Cards)

IBM 1401 Computer (1959)

IBM 305 RAMAC Computer (1956)

IBM 3274-41C Controller (c1989)

IBM 3380 DASD (1980s)

IBM 3390-2 Storage Control Units (1989)

IBM 604 Calculator, Pluggable Unit (1948)

IBM 604 Computer Assembly Line

IBM 650 Computer (1953)

IBM 701 Computer (1952)

IBM 704 Computer (1953)

IBM 705 Computer (1954)

IBM 705 Operating Manual

IBM 709 Computer (1957)

IBM 709 Operating Manual

IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (1944)

IBM 1301 Disk Platter (1962)

IBM Building (circa 1911)

IBM Company Information

IBM Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (1920)

IBM Mainframe Microprocessor Chip (1986)

IBM Personal Computer (History and Photo) (1982)

IBM 4361 Memory Card

IBM 4381 P13 Processor (c1985)

IBM Programming Advertisement (1957)

IBM Punched Cards

IBM Card Punch Machine Model 526

IBM System/3 Minicomputer (1970)

IBM Vacuum Tube (1950's)

IBM: Brief Chronology

IBM's first microcomputer model 5100 (1975)

IBM Portable PC (1984)

IBM Convertible PC (1986)

IBM Portable PS/2 Model 8573 (1988)

IBM PC Junior

IBM-System/360 (1964)

IBM 9121 Central Processor (c1991)

IBM TCM from 9121 Mainframe (1990s)

IBM MCM from 4381 Mainframe (1980s)

IBM Portable PS70 (c1994)

ICOM Attache Personal Computer (1978)

Illiac IV (Burroughs and Univ. of Illinois)(1965)

IMP-16C Single Board Computer (National Semiconductor)(c1973)

IMSAI 8080 Microcomputer (1975)

Individuals: Computer Pioneers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs

InfoTester Modem Line Speed Analyser

Intel 80386 Microprocessor Chip (1986)

Intel 80586 Microprocessor Chip (1993)

Intel Corporation Microprocessors


Intellec 8 Microcomputer (1972)

Interdata Model 3 Control Computer (1967)

Internet History: ARPA History

Interton VC 4000 Computer Game

J. Presper Eckert

Jacquard's Punched Card Loom (1801)

John Henry Patterson

John Mauchly

John Napier

John V. Atanasoff

John Von Neumann

Joystick for an Apple IIc (1977)

Joystick for an IBM PC compatible (1982)

Jupiter II Microcomputer (1975)

Jupiter ACE Microcomputer

Kaypro Personal Computers (1980's)

Kaypro Personal Computer (1982)

Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine Issue #1 (1977)

KIM-1 Microcomputer board (1976)

Konrad Zuse

Learning Window computer toy (1985)

Legal and Copyright Information

Leibniz Wheel (1671)

LEO Computers (UK) (1950's)

Lexitron VT 1303 Dedicated Word Processing Machine (1978)

Lightning Adding Machine (1908)

Lisa (Apple Computer) (1983)

Listing Totaling Machine (circa. 1920's)

Litronix handheld calculator (1973)

Little Professor handheld calculator (1981)

Litton Automated Business Machine (1960s)

Lloyds Accumatic handheld calculator model 30

Lloyds Accumatic handheld calculator model 500 (mid 1970's)

Loga Calculator (1920)

Lotus Development Corporation

Lynx Microcomputer

Macintosh Computer (1984)

MADDIDA engineering computer by Northrop Aircraft (1952)

Magnetic Disk: Comparisons

Magnetic Disk: Diskette Brands

Magnetic Disk: Diskette Types

Magnetic Disk: Floppy Disks

Magnetic Disk: Wang

Magnetic Tape Units: Midwestern

Magnetic Tape Units: Potter

Magnetic Tape Units: UNIVAC

Magnetic Tapes: UNIVAC

Magnetic Tape - GE - (1962)

Mainframe Console: Electrodata

Mainframe CPU Chip

Mainframe: Datamatic 1000

Mainframe: IBM 360

Marchant calculator (1920)

Master Address List - Publishers, Distributors, Museums

Master Chronology of Events

Mattel Aquarius Computer System (c1980s)

Mattel Computer Gin Game (1979)

Mattel Computer Gin Game (1979)

Mattel Discovery System computer toy (1980)

Memory (CORE Memory UNIVAC)

Merlin Computer Game (1978)

Mickey Mouse calculator (1980s)

MicroAce (1980)

Microcom Modem 1200 baud (external view)

Microcom Modem 1200 baud (internal view)

Microcomputer Photos

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 4004) (1969)

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 8008) (1972)

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 8080A) (1974)

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 8088) (1981)

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 80286) (1982)

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 80386) (1985)

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 80486) (1989)

Microprocessor Chip (Intel 80586) (1993)

Microprocessor Chip (RCA 1802) (1974)

Microprocessor Chip (Rockwell R6511)

Microprocessor Chip (TMS 1000) (1972)

Microprocessor Chip (Z80A) in Osborne PC

Microprocessor Mainframe CPU

Microprocessor Chip (Motorola 6809) (c1978)

Microchip (Intel P1103 DRAM) (c1969)

Microchip (Intel 1702 EPROM)

Microchip (Intel P4001 ROM)

Microprocessor History

Microprocessor Table: Intel

Microprocessor: Mainframe

Microprocesor - IBM-Made 386 Chip

Micro-Professor Microcomputer (1982)

Minicomputer Console: DEC PDP 12

Minicomputer Console: DEC PDP 8

Minivac 601 Digital Computer Kit (Claude Shannon) (1961)


Montgomery Ward P10 handheld calculator (1974)

Morrow Design (Morrow Decision Microcomputers) (1980s)

Motherboard - Osborne PC 1982

Motor Generator (Liebert 1970s)

Motorola Large Scale Computer (c1994)


MSX Microcomputer Technology

MTX 500 Microcomputer

Multitec HPC microcomputer (1983)

National Semiconductor handheld calculator 600 (1973)

Navigational Computer (manual paper wheel) 1934

NCR Electric Calculator (1940s)

NCR 304 - First All Solid State Business Computer (1957)

NCR 1102 Computer

Newbrain Microcomputer

NEXT Computers

Nintendo 64 Video Game System (c1997)

Nixdorf Computer

North Star Horizon Microcomputer (c1978)

Novus 850 Calculator (1970s)

Odhner Arithmometer (1886)

Odyssey 2 home computer by Magnavox (1980)

Operating Systems

Operating Systems: CPM

Operating Systems: DOS

Operating Systems: TRS DOS

Organizational Abbreviations & Acronyms

ORIC-1 Personal Computer (1983)

Osborne 1 (view 6)

Osborne 1 (views 2 and 3)

Osborne 1 (views 4 and 5)

Osborne 1 Portable PC (1981)

Osborne Executive Portable Computer (1983)

Osborne I and Osborne Executive Compared

Osborne I Cathode Ray Tube assembly "CRT" (1981)

Osborne Portable Computer - Floppy Disk Drives (1981)

Pac-Man Staying Power

Palm Pilot V (1999)

Paper Tape (Punched Paper Tape Program) Bendix G-15

Paper Tape (1964)

Pascalline calculator (1642)

PC Computing Power Growth

Pentium Chip (Intel)


People Gallery: Pioneers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs

Personal Computer: Advent of Personal Computing

Personal Computers: See Microcomputer Photos

Philips Videopac Computer Game

Photo Copyright and Credit Information

Photo Copyright Information

Playskool Computer Toy (1972)

Polymorphic 8813 Computer System (1978)

Pong Game Unit

Powers Company Plain Sorter (1920's)

Prehistory of UNISYS

Programming - Assembler Language Coding Form (1970's)

Programming Languages - Chronology

Punched Card Annual (1957)

Punched Cards - - - UNIVAC - - - IBM

Punch Card Machine (IBM)

Punch Cards - Monroe (1971)

Punched Paper Tape

Punched Paper Tape Diagram (1964)

Punched Tape device (GE Computer 1969)

Quiz: Test Your Computer History Knowledge

Quiz: (Answers)

Radio Shack EC 226 handheld calculator

RCA Bizmac (c1951)

RCA Spectra 70 Data Processing System (1966)

Regina 7 Manual Calculator (Germany)

Remington Rand 406-2 Electronic Calculator (1950)

Remington Rand Adding Machine (1930s)

Robik - Russian Personal Computer (1991)

Rockwell 10R handheld calculator

Rockwell 24K pocket calculator

Russian Electrical and Electronic Components (Misc.) (1970s-1980s)

SC44 handheld calculator

SCELBI Microcomputer (1974)

Scheutz Calculating Machine (1843)

Scheutz Calculating Machine (1855)

Schickard's Machine (1623)

Scientific American magazine (1902)

Scientific Data Systems (SDS) 900 Computer

Schubert Calculator (1950s)

SEAC (National Bureau of Standards computer - 1950)

Sears SLC89 handheld calculator

Security Abbreviations & Acronyms

Sega Computers

SEKON (Apple Clone) microcomputer

Seidel & Naumann Calculator, Dresden, Germany 1910

Shakey the Robot - SRI (1968)

Sharp 1270 Computer (c1980s)


Simon Cellular Phone/PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) (1994)

Sinclair Microcomputers

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128 (1986)

Slide Rules (1970s)

Software List

SOL 20 Personal Computer (Processor Technology - 1976)

Sony Computers

Space Invader Handheld Game (1981)

Spectravideo Microcomputers (1983+)

Sperry Flight Computer

Sperry Remington 665 Handheld Calculator (1972)

Sperry Remington SSR8 Handheld Calculator (1975)

Square Footage: Computers by Size

Star Trek

Star Trek Software for the Commodore 64 & 128 (1988)

Stima Calculator - Switzerland (1930)

Storage, Core Storage (Core Memory)

SuperBrain by Intertec (1979)

Supercomputer - ASCI - Option Red (circa 1998)

Supercomputer: CDC 6600

Surface Mount Tech.Abbreviations

SWAC (National Bureau of Standards computer - 1950)

SWTPC microcomputer (1975)

Synertek SYM-1 6502

Table of Contents

Talkatron (Learning Computer) (1985)

Tandy 102 Personal Computer (c1980s)

Tandy 1000 (Radio Shack) microcomputer (1980)

Tandy Computer Cassette Program

Tandy 1400 FD Laptop

Tandy Color Game Cartridge (1984)

Tandy Computer Cassette Program

Tape Drive Unit - Midwestern Digital Model M4000 (1967)

Tape Drive Unit - Potter SC-1080 (1967)

TDC Mark III (Torpedo Data Computer, on Pampanito Submarine)

Teal 817 handheld calculator

Telcon Zorba Portable Computer (1983)

Thatcher Calculator (1881)

Thinkatron Toy (1960s)

Thomas Watson Jr. and Thomas Watson Sr. 

Thomas Watson, Jr.

Thomas Watson, Sr. 

TI "Mr. Challenger" handheld computer game (1978)

TI 1200 handheld calculator (1975)

TI CC40 (Compact Computer 40) (1983)

TIM (early) mechanical calculator

TIM Calculator - Berlin, Germany 1907

Timex Sinclair 1000 Microcomputer (1982)

Title Page

Tomy Micro Caveman Computer Game

Tomy Tutor microcomputer (1980)

Tomy Tutor toy computer (1980)

Toshiba Dynapad T100X (1992)

Toshiba Laptops (1980's)

Toshiba HX-10 Home Computer

Toy Computers

Transistor: Invention of

Transistorized Computers

Transistors: Early Examples

Transistorized Computers: MIT TX-0

Transistorized Computers: NCR 304


Transistors: A Milestone in Computing

Transistors: Vacuum Tubes and Transistors

TRS-80 Model II


Tube Testers (Vacuum Tube Test Equipment)

TX-0 Computer (1953)

Typewriter - Blickensderfer #5 (1890)

Typewriter Remington Sperry Rand (1960)

Uniservo Tape Device (1950s)

Unisonic Calculators (circa 1974)


UNISYS - History

UNISYS Mainframe (example) (c1990)

UNISYS Printer & Tape Drive (for mainframe) (1990s)

Unitrex 91M handheld calculator

UNIVAC 1 - (Grace Hopper) (1957)

UNIVAC 1 - At the Census Bureau (1951)

UNIVAC 1 - Full View - A (1951)

UNIVAC 1 - Full View - B (1951)

UNIVAC -1 Tape Units (1951)

UNIVAC 1107 (1961)

UNIVAC 9200 (1966)

UNIVAC Circuit Boards (1950's)

UNIVAC Core Memory (1950's)

UNIVAC Digital Recording Tape (1950's)

UNIVAC File Computer Advertisement (1956)

UNIVAC Punched Cards (1950's)

UNIVAC Punched Paper Tape (1950's)

UNIVAC Resistor Board (1950's)

UNIVAC Solid State 80 (manual) (1959)

UNIVAC Small Diode Board (1950's)

UNIVAC Tube Board (1950's)

UNIVAC Vacuum Tube (1950's)

UNIVAC 1103A Scientific Computer (manual) (1958)

UNIVAC II Data Automation System (manual) (1957)


Vacuum Tube Chronology of Development

Vacuum Tube - GE

Vacuum Tubes (IBM Pluggable Gangcircuit) (1951)

Vacuum Tubes (IBM)

Vacuum Tubes and Transistors

Vacuum Tube Plug In Board - Bendix G15 (1950s)

Vacuum Tubes: ENIAC

Vacuum Tubes: UNIVAC

Vacuum Tubes: Vacuum Tube Based Computers

Vacuum Tube Decimal Counter (1963-1964)

Vicmodem cartridge (1980s)

Victor Adding Machine (circa 1939)

Video Display Tube: Osborne 1

Vintage Computer Collecting (article)

Vintage Computer Newsletter (Classic Tech Online) info

Voice Messenger Speech 64 for the Commodore 64 (1984)

Wang (Getronics) History

Wang VS 100 Minicomputer (circa 1980)

Wartime Computing (See Bletchley Park, UK)

Watson, Thomas J., Senior - THINK slogan

Welcome Page

What is it?

What is it? (No. 2)

What is it? (No. 3)

Whirlwind (MIT) computer (1949)

William Hewlett

William S. Burroughs

Williams Tube

Williams Tube Memory (1950s)

Word Processors: Dedicated Systems

Xerox Alto microcomputer (1973)

Xerox 820-II PC (1984)

Z3 Computer (1939)

Zenith Laptop Computers

ZX Spectrum - Russian Personal Computer (1993)


1956 Summary of Computers Installed and On Order

1960's and Beyond: The Advent of Personal Computing

8 Inch Floppy Disk


100 Giant Computers Before 1956

Who Was First in Computing?

Early Computer Technology

Chronologies and Profiles

See: Early Machines by Date

See: Photo Index by Subject

See: Photo Index: Alphabetical

See: Photo Index: People

Microcomputer Topics

Master Glossary

Master Chronology

Microcomputer Photos

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