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Introduction to Computing

Who was First In Computing?

History of the Comptometer adding machines

Evolution of Counting and Calculating

Giant Computers Before 1956

Microcomputer Photos

See: Early Machines by Date

See: Photo Index by Subject

See: Photo Index: People

Who was First In Computing?

ARPA and the ARPANET (Early History of the Internet)

Biographical Information

Chronology of Languages, Operating Systems, Major Programs

Master Chronology of Events

Chronology of Early Television Technology

Chronology of Developments in Vacuum Tube Technology

Selected Company Profiles


Early Williams Tube (CRT Memory)

ABC Computer and Drum Memory

Early ENIAC computer (1944) and vacuum tubes

Electromechanical Relay

UNIVAC Core Memory (1950's)

Early UNIVAC (1951) vacuum tube

Early IBM Vacuum tubes

UNIVAC Punched Cards

IBM Punched Cards

Examples of Disk Storage

Transistors: A Milestone in Computing

Early Microprocessors

Early Magnetic Tape Drives

Early Floppy Disk Types

Five Generations of Computers

Early Large Computers by Square Footage

Analog Computers

Computer Processing Speed


Giant Computers Before 1956

Early Large Computers by Square Footage

1956 Summary of Computers Installed and On Order

Early Transistorized Computers

Computers Types by Physical Size

Chronology of Languages, Operating Systems, Major Programs

Individuals: Computer Pioneers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs



Master Chronology Index


Technical Abbreviations & Acronyms

Organizational Abbreviations & Acronyms

Security Abbreviations & Acronyms

Surface Mount Tech.Abbreviations

File Extensions and Symbols Reference

Internet Country Codes


Intel Corporation Microprocessors

Microprocessor Table: Intel

Computer Processing Speed

Microcomputer Photos

1960's and Beyond: The Advent of Personal Computing

A Brief History of the Microprocessor

PC Computing Power Growth

MSX Microcomputer Technology

CP/M Operating System




Dedicated Word Processing Microcomputers

Floppy Diskette Types

Master Address List - Publishers, Distributors, Museums

Computer History Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Collecting Vintage Computers


Photo Copyright Information

Copyright and Trademark Information


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